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What Makes A Great Baltimore Website Design Firm?

When you're looking for a website development firm to not only build you a professional website, but take your online marketing campaign on a new venture, then there are several factors to watch out for:

baltimore website design1. Powerful Imagination For A GUI Website
2. Backend Development Dream Team
3. A Strong Online Marketing Campaign
4. Keeping In Line With New Technologies

ICFX Designs is this type of Website Development Firm. For over a decade, ICFX has built and rebuilt websites to keep with emerging technologies. And since the inception of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ICFX has stepped up and presented new and exciting ways of increasing traffic to a website.

Since our inception we have made it a priority to not only develop strong websites and powerful online marketing campaigns, but this Baltimore Website Design Firm has a level of customer service you haven't seen before. We keep you in the loop, from conception to activation and beyond with our online marketing.

We need you to feel comfortable with the choice you made. A Baltimore Website Design Firm needs to be more than just a website creator, they need to step up and complete any project, regardless of size, on time, on budget and make sure that YOU are happy every step of the way. So, when you are ready to take your website to the next step, let us know.

mIn The Beginning...

baltimore website designOur Director, Eric C. Smith, has worked on websites for many years and worked with another Baltimore Website Design Firm (which shall remain nameless for legal purposes, but you know who you are). However, this Baltimore Website Design Firm had a much different approach to developing websites. They figured they would build it, and try to sell the concept to the client. They did not take the clients input into consideration, nor did they listen to the needs of the client.

Needless to say, this was an approach to get the client to spend more money on upgrades until the client got close to what they wanted. So, a typical website would cost three times as much, in the end. After a few months of being frustrated with this Baltimore Website Design's lack of service, Eric left and began ICFX Designs. It was very hard for the first few years, but with a little luck, strong service and the ability to actually listen to clients needs, ICFX has become a success.

From the meager beginnings of one computer (that Eric built) to a powerful Baltimore Website Design Firm, ICFX can handle anything you need. Let us help you...Let us listen to you...Let us surprise you.

This Baltimore Website Design Firm Is Ready For Your Call.

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