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Interaction is a KEY ingredient in making a website more attractive these days. Graphics help, but it's the interactivity with a website that makes it enjoyable.

However, who do you choose to make your website come to life in a Dynamic way? There is only ONE Baltimore Website Design Firm that businesses have trusted throughout the years to make it work and that is ICFX. For many years we have been creating technologies that help businesses get their customers more excited about shopping online. Here is just an example:

baltimore website - One of the most interactive websites we have accomplished to date. This website uses an Interactive Design Tool so you can upload pictures to a baseball, football or other sport template. You can add text using different fonts, etc. Once completed, this website prints out your ball to a Professional Finish and ships it directly to you. It took more than 6 months to develop this technology for our client and people all over the world are enjoying it.

However, we are sure that your website is not this complex, but if it is, you know we can handle it. Below is just a quick list of the tools we created custom for this website. No other Baltimore Website Design Company can compare to these tools.

Dynamic Development Tools Used For

  • Interactive Flash Design Tool
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Dynamic Administration Panel for:
    • Order Management
    • Product Management
    • User Account Management
    • FTP to Printing Station in China
  • AJAX Technology for page jumping and quick pop ups.

What Tools Will You Need...

The website was an undertaking, and it is still being upgraded with newer technology and clean-ups. This is an after development process which leads to newer versions of the website. But, let's talk about your website. Is this the kind of custom tool you need or are you looking into something a little more subtle.

We showed you this interactive demo so you can get a good idea of what we are capable of doing and we can develop the simplest Content Management System to an extremely complex interactive website like

No other Baltimore Website Design Firm can come close to developing the tools we make for businesses such as yours. Give us a call today for a free consultation.


This Baltimore Website Design Firm Has The Dynamic Development Your Website Needs.

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