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Why Is A Strong Graphic Background So Important In Website Development?

A strong graphical background shows users that you have a website that is professional and in turn demonstrates how you conduct business. If your website is sloppy and the graphics are not appealing, then a user will associate that with the way you do business and leave. It is just that simple. Your website needs several elements to have a STRONG Graphical Presence, and they are:

baltimore website design Strong Free Hand Drawing Design
Sometimes freehand design is necessary, in logo form, if you have a mascot or want to show a design you have made. With the use of programs like Photoshop and other Macromedia products your website can pop to life.

The freehand drawing on the left was created by our Director, Eric C. Smith. He has a strong graphical ability and brings it to every website ICFX develops.
baltimore website design
baltimore website design Photo Design
Photos are needed to bring your website to life. Did you know that the rule of thumb is to only use 10% of the total photos you may take for a website. This is true since there are so many variables a website can go through.

This photo was taken for the Chicken Box Friday crew on Fox 1370 AM (Baltimore Sports Radio Show) and will soon be seen on BillBoards across the City of Baltimore.
baltimore website design
baltimore website design Website Graphic Development
This is an obvious piece to the puzzle. Your company needs a custom designed website that shows what your business is about. After all, your website is your first impression to the internet community and people all across the world. If your website does not portrait what kind of business you are, then you need serious assistance.

This website is of A website that enjoys thousands of users each month, thanks to Search Engine Optimization and sells thousands of dollars worth of generator parts each month.
baltimore website design
baltimore website design 3-D Graphic Design
3-D is still in its infancy stage for the internet, but thanks to increase bandwidth it is slowly becoming a form many Baltimore Website Design Companies are starting to turn too. However, you need someone who knows the beauty and has the experience to bring your 2-d into 3-D.

This is a simple business card for and Director of Operations.



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