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Online Marketing, Not So Conventional Anymore...

baltimore website designAre you ready to cut through the fat when it comes to Marketing. TV and Radio do a broad demographic shotgun effect. However, what these media do not understand is that you are not marketing on the customer terms, you are marketing on the media's terms. Ask yourself: Do you like to be interrupted during a TV Series or when listening to the radio? Neither does the rest of the world.

Online Marketing is the complete opposite of regular traditional media. You market your products or services on the customers terms. Which makes shopping much more pleasant. You see, the customer comes to you, which already makes them a "Qualified" customer, much like when a customer enters a retail store, most of the time they are looking for something they think you have.

The purpose of ICFX is to put your name in front of customers when they are ready to look for products and services you are offering putting the purchasing scenario in your favor. We don't push the customer, we don't trick the customer, we provide as much information as possible to the customer so that they can make an educated purchasing decision. And this is cutting through the fat to get to the meat of the sale.

For many years ICFX Designs has been developing different marketing strategies based on the fundamental source that the customer needs to come to you, not you to them. Times are different, this is not the 1950's anymore, customers look for they want and they have numerous ways of finding it, without you having to advertise to them and spend tens of thousands of dollars targeting a small percentage.

Let's Review Online Marketing Options

For small businesses, TV and Radio just isn't an option. In these economic times you need to focus on outside media such as:

baltimore website desginSearch Engine Optimization - This is process in which your website is recreated to be ranked in the top 10 spot on Google and other carious search engines based on specific Keyphrases or Keywords. These keyphrases are usually natural listings (such as Baltimore Website Design Company or Maryland Website Design Company) and data can be found to see how many people each month type in that natural keyphrase so that you may mold your Search Engine Optimization around it.

baltimore website desginPPC - For those who are unfamiliar with SEO, PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is the second best method of online marketing. It allows instant placement in the sponsored results of specific keyphrases. However, the cost is much higher.

baltimore website designBid Per Lead Service (BPL) or Cost Per Lead (CPL) - This an offer that ICFX has made to it's existing customer and have found that it is very successful. We handle all of the marketing, there is no cost to you. For example, we optimize your website and you pay for any lead that comes through your contact page or purchases your product online. The other example is the BPL in which you bid on specific leads we generate through and


This Baltimore Website Design Firm Has Your Online Marketing Campaign Ready.

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