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What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is process in which your website is created to be search engine friendly so that you may have a high rank on the engines for specific keyphrase's. Now, if that is not confusing enough let's take it a step further. A keyphrase is a word or group of words that are combined in the search box of a search engine. Once a user types in the keyphrase "Or Google's It" search engine optimization will do its job to make sure you are in the top 10 so a user will find you.

This, in essence, is the top Online Marketing Procedure. Take a look at the picture below and see what we have done for MySEONetwork and let us explain why this website generates approximately 150 users a month just off of this keyphrase:

The above picture was not forged, this is a legitimate search result from
  1. This indicates the "Keyphrase" that was used. More than 150 users per month type in this keyphrase or a variation of this keyphrase. "Shaped T-shirts" is known as a Natural Keyphrase since it can spawn off onto many other keyphrase's. Please be careful when a Baltimore Website Design Company offers "GUARATEED PLACEMENT", because most of the time they will only offer you specific keyphrase's like "I need a shaped t-shirt in Baltimore, Maryland". This is not a Natural Listing and no one searches this way.

  2. These are Results. There are over 2.7 Million web pages that have something to do with Shaped T-shirts and MySEONetwork is ranked #1. The proof is in the pudding.

  3. MySEONetwork's Ranked (#1) for this Natural Keyphrase. Since MySEONetwork holds this position more than 150 people every month click through to the website to get a price for Shaped T-shirts.

This is just a taste of what Search Engine Optimization is about and it also show what this Baltimore Website Design Company can do for you. The image is just one of several thousand keyphrase's that we have for clients in the top 10. We know what we ar doing and we can do the same for you. Give us a cal to talk about it.

When You Are Ready For Serious SEO, Then You Call This Baltimore Website Design Company.

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