About ICFX

Since 2008, we have repaired over 25,000 devices in Howard County making us the oldest Computer/Cell Phone repair shop. In all these years working with our fellow neighbors and businesses, we have learned that service not only comes in the form of repairs, but also in the form of friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Over the years we have collaborated with manufacturers to provide our clients with Genuine Parts (not 3rd party) to ensure their devices have been repaired relaibly.

Each staff technician is a Certified Technician in a specific field, like Apple Certified, Oracle, Cisco and others so you can be sure that they know what they are doing on your repair.

Also, our staff, when they are ready to leave us, go on to GREAT Careers with businesses like Lockheed Martin, Apple, Amazon, Google and Government agencies like the NSA and DOD.

At ICFX Technologies you can be sure that your device is in good hands, with Genuine Parts, Certified technicians and a reliable company since 2008. 

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