Computer & Cell Phone Business Services

Computer Repair - Business Services

Can't afford a Large I.T. Company to come out and help you with your businesses computer or cell phone related problems? Now you can!!!

Whether it is just you running your entire operation or you have 50 employees, we can help you with any I.T. related issues at a fraction of the cost of the Large I.T. Companies. We have several packages that will work around YOUR Needs and no one elses.

Since 1999, ICFX Technologies has been helping the residents and businesses in Howard County. From Computer Repair to Website building and maintenance, we have a COMPLETE knowledge of all things I.T.

Our Business Services have been recognized by the "Best of Howard County" in the past and we look forward to helping your business in the future.

You will find that our technicians are Certified in:

    • All Apple Devices including All Hardware and Mac OS Software
    • Microsoft Operating Systems
    • Google/Android Operating Systems and Hardware.

When you reach a contract deal with us, your business will receive periodic wellness checks on all your business computers and cell phones, including:

    • Hard Drive Integrity Tests
    • Memory & External Storage Integrity Tests
    • Browser Security Settings
    • Anti-virus Scans and Software Updates
    • Operating Systems Updates and Security Checks
    • Driver Checks
    • Hardware Integrity (dusting, wire management, etc.)
    • Apple Device Certified Wellness Checks
    • Peripheral Checks (printers, cameras, etc)
    • Application Software Updates and Security Checks
    • Data Backup
    • Cloud Service Integrity Tests
    • Mobile Device Checks
    • Domain Integrity Checks (Email, website)
    • Network Integrity Tests and Updates

Not only these checks, but your business receives discounts on any On-site Repair Visits, Emergency Repairs and Employee Discounts on personal devices. 

We want you know that we are here for your business no matter the size. 

So, if you need more information feel free to call Eric Smith at 410-744-6512. He is knowledgeable, friendly and will find a solution to your needs, or