Computer Repair - P3 Protection Plan

Protection from Infection
Hackers are out there! They want your money and they will stop at nothing to ransomware or destroy your data.

Family pictures, Taxes, Important Documentation, That Old Song List is all for the taking for today's Hackers. Are you protected?

Sometimes, we think we are, other times we are not sure. I can guarantee you, you are not as protected as you think. Do you know how to plug up vulnerable spots in your operating system? We do!

Do you know how to  destroy exploits? We do.

Our "Priority Protection Plan" (or P3) not only protects your computer from the dangers of Hackers, you also have the "Personal Touch". If for any reason you feel you have been infected, during your subscription, bring it into us and we will clean your system for FREE! We will also contact you every 3 months to make sure your system is still protected and you have any issues you would like us to address.

Give us a call, come by or schedule an appointment to speak to one of our Techs about how the P3 can give you Protection from Infection.